My name is Mark Walden I live in a little town called Burntwood in the UK and I have been interested in photography for more years than I care to remember, over those years I have had a few different cameras, but most of them are from Canon then in early December 2017 I was asked if I wanted to have a play with the Fuji XT2 for a few hours around Birmingham by the Fuji rep in Jessops as I was looking to find a camera system that was light to carry around, but still gave me the quality that I was getting from my Canon 5D mkIII I thought why not see if it was any good..........well after just a few hours shooting I was blown away with how the camera handled, but how would it hold up to the 5D mkIII in quality so off I went home with my SD card packed full of images. After loading them into Lightroom I was astounded by the results, the images were sharp and the color rendition was superb then came the big one would the XT2 be good with noise and to my surprise yes they were , I had taken some images at ISO 8000 and yes there was a small amount of noise, but it was on par with the 5D mkIII so I made up my mind to change and purchased a new Fuji XT2 with the 10-24, 18-55 & 55-200 lenses and as I write this on 30th December 2017 my new camera is packed and ready for it's 1st outing in the morning.

As for printing I used to do all my 35mm film printing in the loft at my old house spending hours and hours and coming out at the end of the night with one picture that was just okay, but now with digital it is nice to sit in a nice warm room with the light on and without the smell of chemicals. I used to use a Epson 2400, but this gave up the ghost at the end of August 2013 and made me purchase a Canon Pixma IX6850 which I use for printing personal images. Computer wise I was always a PC person until I took the plunge and brought a used IMAC 27" and now wish  that I had done it years ago it is so much quicker than the PC that I had even though the PC was only 2 years old (the IMAC is a a 2nd hand one from 2017).

When I 1st started my main interest was wildlife, but over the years my photography has changed so much and now I am willing to point my camera in the direction of anything to get a picture that inspires me.

 Back in 2009 I teamed up with two other local photographers and so far have photographed over 45 weddings which we all enjoy doing.